Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Have you ever heard the saying “Never let anyone dull your sparkle”? Well, at White Lace we will definitely help you bring out your inner sparkle and that’s what makes us so fun! Creators and owners of White Lace, E & K have worked incredibly hard to make sure every couple that celebrates with us has an experience like no other. We want to help turn every couple’s “Pinterest dreams” into a reality. The bright and bubbly personalities of E & K bring a fun and energetic vibe to the planning of your special day. We combine our professionalism with fun to help make all your wedding dreams come true.

E & K are in love with love and put their all into every couple that celebrates with us. Their passion is undeniable and it truly shines through their amazing work. “We love to put priority on what is most important to our couples and not only focus on their love one another but their common interests as well. Whether that be design, entertainment or a delicious meal, we love to celebrate what gets them most excited for the big celebrations ahead”, exclaims E & K.

Here are just a few things we do at White Lace that make us so unique and fun…

  • On our website, you will see we do not have packages and prices listed. This is not because we simply forgot to provide this information, it is because we make a package that fits each couples needs. We want every couple to feel like they have found their home at White Lace and can work from the ground up to create a wonderful wedding day.
  • On your wedding day we have team members (like myself) that help make your wedding day run smoothly. Our team members help look over the little details, ceremony, cocktail and reception area so that E & K can spend their time focused on the bride, groom and the bridal party. There are even times when you can have a bridal assistant (like me, again) to help you (the couple) to have a stress free, fun wedding day. You can count on me to pour you a nice glass of bubbly while your hair and makeup team brushes, curls, powders and makes your eyelashes pop.
  • We prepare a timeline of your wedding day to ensure everything runs on time. This timeline is also given to all the vendors so everyone is on the same page and the wedding goes off without a hitch. GO TEAM!!
  • Here at White Lace there are no “clients” because we treat our couples like family and build a strong, trustworthy relationship with them to make sure we really get a feel for what each couple wants on their big day!

“We find that our approach is a mix of professional and fun. We say professional because we absolutely know what we are talking about … most of the time. Our experience, expertise and true passion for this amazing industry is infinite and we love to not only relate to our couples but make sure that they feel most comfortable with us and trust us to translate their ideas into a reality. It is pretty incredible and absolutely magical in every sense of the word.” E & K could not have said it any better, wedding planning is magical, fun and full of surprises. White Lace Events & Design is truly one of a kind and I feel honored to work with such passionate, fun and loving people. They never let my inner sparkle dull, if anything they make it sparkle even more than it did before.


Jessa Davis



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