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Social Media. Full stop. We love and hate it at the same time, and it keeps everyone connected from celebrity gossip to everyday connections from past, present and even connects friends for the future. It is truly amazing that over the years social media has become an extension of how we all celebrate, share, and stay connected.


Let’s take a moment to see how this all relates to YOUR wedding and how you can incorporate some fun social media elements into your day:

  • Create a website: This is a unique way to keep guests informed with wedding day or wedding weekend information (ie. accommodations, registries, photos, etc.) or any last minute changes. Let your guests “virtually get to know you” with fun photos and memories of your lives together.”


  • Create a Facebook group for your wedding that is “invite only” if you want to get information quickly to your guests so they can see updates, changes and any new information that may come up. This is also a fun area to share engagement photos, and post exciting updates throughout the planning!


  • Create a Hashtag: we #love this idea! Come up with something creative that represents you as a couple, then tell your guests and display signs the day of your wedding. All your guests can hashtag their photos from the wedding and then as a couple you can go back, click on the hashtag and see all the fun memories from your special day!Side note: White Lace recommends to check the hashtag first to see if anyone has used it for their wedding. You want your hashtag to be special to you and if possible only show photos of your day and not mix it up with another wedding couple’s hashtag. This is simply social media etiquette as well.


  • Instagram Stories: Almost like Snapchat, Instagram stories lets you post pictures for 24 hours for all your followers to see! Let your guests post videos and pictures during the reception that you can look back on it the next day!


  • Use a Snapchat Geofilter: You can create a geofilter that can be accessed on snapchat on the day of your wedding. It does come with a small price tag initially, but it is a fun way to add something fun and creative to your big day! If you don’t think of yourself as the savvy creative one, then you can use premade wedding snapchat filters. Or this can be your time to share your graphic design skills and you can create your own to make it more personalized. You can find the guidelines here!


How much is too much? Well, one, don’t forget that it is okay to have a social media free wedding, but guests love to access information or share photos quickly and efficiently. The most important thing is that this is your big day, so it is up to you to decide how much is too much. As a couple set your “social media boundaries”. This can include:

  • Not letting the Bridal Party share pictures of you before the ceremony
  • Having an “unplugged” ceremony where you ask your guests not to take photos and to please turn off their phones. This allows everyone to be in the moment with you and enjoy the ceremony and the meaning behind each element. You can have a sign and/or ask the officiant to make an announcement prior to the ceremony.
  • Reminding guests that there is a photographer, so they stay clear and let the professional capture the magic.
  • Not releasing the snapchat filter until the ceremony has ended

It is amazing how all the social media sites can help create a wonderful wedding experience for you and your guests from the start of the planning to the conclusion of your wedding day! Also, don’t forget to enjoy your wedding day and to soak it all in! You can use social media to look back on all the special moments so that you can stay away from your phone and enjoy being surrounded by love.


Xoxo, from yours truly, our White Lace Lovee,

Jessa Davis

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