An E&K Love Story …

There’s something magical about every love story and the love story behind White Lace is oh so dear to our hearts.

This story starts at SDSU in an event class that both E & K took in 2009. Although this isn’t a love at first sight kind of story, the ending is as happy as can be. K spotted E from across the room as she was dressed in professional attire carrying her blackberry and truly looked like she could rule the world. From that moment K knew she had to meet this girl, whether she would love her or well, not love her as much as she was dreaming she would. E was such a presence in this event class, she was so knowledgeable (even correcting the professor sometimes) and busy with her various events she deserved a gold star. E was working at Qualcomm and stayed very busy and their paths never crossed during the class.


Meanwhile, K had gotten a job at L’Auberge Del Mar as the wedding coordinator, where her love for weddings grew even more. A position opened up for a new wedding coordinator at the hotel and K eagerly awaited who it would be. Her boss was so excited about the new hire (she was literally running circles around the office with excitement) so K couldn’t wait to meet her. As K was walking through the lobby one day she spotted E with her boss. She knew immediately she recognized her and was almost certain it was the girl from her events class. K never had a chance to meet E since their class in 2009, but in 2013 the universe brought these two lovely people together. Let’s just say their first time meeting wasn’t full of hugs and kisses, a personal White Lace favorite (xoxo). E was focused on learning her new position and K was juggling tons of weddings. When K first told E that she knew her, well a lot about her, she may have come off slightly like a “crazy person” or a stalker to be a little more polite, considering E never even knew K was in the same class as her. E felt terrible and even now, they laugh about their first true interaction. From that moment on, they worked together in one very small office and there was no getting rid of each other — friendship was the only way. They started working closer and growing the weddings program at L’Auburge… as soon as they did one wedding together it was clear that K was right from the beginning, they were meant to be best friends and they were a force to be reckoned with.


Both E & K knew they wanted to eventually have their own wedding companies, but E was certain she would only do it with a business partner. When E approached K about the possibility of being business partners, she was immediately shut down by K who said she did not want a business partner. “Nope, never” said K.  As the days, weeks and months went on E & K grew closer and closer and their relationship went from co-workers to friends and eventually from friends to best friends. Together their creative, genius minds complemented each other perfectly and everyone around them were waiting for them to branch off and have their own company. The universe works in a strange way, but one thing was for certain, E & K were supposed to meet. As I’m sure you have guessed by now this beautiful business idea came to life when K finally decided she that E was the only person in the world that she would be business partners with… and so the love story continued.


With a blink of an eye and a pinch of sparkly pixie dust, White Lace Events & Design came to life and E & K moved from being best friends to being family. This idea of being business partners came with many risks and a lot of uncertainty, but one thing they knew for certain was that their love for wedding planning and their love for each other was enough to keep them going. It’s crazy to think that White Lace is approaching their three-year anniversary and have grown so much over the years! Let’s just say E & K had their happily ever after and it is as magical and wonderful as they could have ever imagined.


And now the story continues …. I am so excited to be part of the wedding planning company and journey of White Lace Events and Design. Just you wait, I have a special love story of my own with these lovely ladies …





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