Engagement Season… Yes it’s Real

You may be wondering if there really is such a thing as Engagement Season and we are here to tell you, yes there is!! The season kicks off at Thanksgiving and ends right after Valentines Day!! With the coming together of families, endless parties, champagne, a warm fireplace, maybe even a crisp snow fall, it truly is the BEST time to get engaged. What could be better than being surrounded by family and friends during the holidays, as your love gets down on one knee and opens that little box filled that perfect sparkle that signifies the beginning of your life together, well we think that is something so magical!!


We at White Lace want to wish you a Happy Engagement Season!!!! This is our favorite season of all because we love that we get to help even more couples plan their special day. If you are recently engaged, or maybe soon to be, we can’t wait for you to read this series of blogs. You may be wondering, well I have the ring, where do I start… well stayed tuned to find out what you should do next… let the planning begin!!




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