Recently Engaged… What’s Next?

The biggest question out there… I just got engaged and what should I do next? Well, we have the answer for you! The first and most important step is to enjoy your engagement!!!! It is such a special feeling to be engaged! So, before you start your planning, celebrate with your one and only; grab a nice dinner, cuddle up by the fireplace with a glass of wine, go on an adventure, whatever your style is, the most important thing is to celebrate!!!

The next step is to hire a wedding planner!! Your first thought may be to find your venue, set your date, pick a photographer, but hiring a wedding planner first is the smartest way to begin.  Why? Why should you hire your planner first?? Let me tell you …  your planner is an expert in this industry and can help you find the best venue (the canvas to your day!), vendors that fit your style, aesthetic and budget. We like to call this your “Dream Team” and why not let your planner help you with the celebrations from the very beginning. There are so many tips and tricks your planner will have for you to steer you in the right direction and help to make sure you get what you need for the wedding day at the price point you need to stay within for your budget!

There are so many venues in San Diego that you may be considering to book for your special day — so many beautiful, unique and AMAZING venues! We consider ourselves experts in this field and can help find you the best venue that fits all of your requirements. We can point out the differences in your top venues and give you pros and cons to help you narrow down the selection.

When it comes to contracts, your planner has built so many relationships in the industry and can help you get the biggest bang for your buck or the most “added value”. In other words, they can make sure everything is spelled out in each contract, down to the smallest details, so you get the best deals and who knows maybe a few enhancements to your package. White Lace loves the relationships we have built with our vendors (we call them “frendors”) and it brings us joy to help you find the best of the best!

As for all of your other vendors, we will take the aspects that are most important to you and help you build your dream team from start to finish!! If you want the most delicious desserts out there, we at White Lace, have the biggest sweet tooth and LOVE a good dessert. You can give our favorite places a try – yum! We are fortunate enough to have “stood in your shoes” and experienced, tasted and seen how so many vendors in San Diego work their magic. From sitting in the hair and makeup chair, tasting the cake and donuts, staying at the venues, etcetera. We can give you our personal and professional advice when it comes to your Dream Team of vendors!!!


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Happy Planning LOVES



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